EPR as a production partner: meet the Zebro

Imagine that there has just been a major earthquake. The affected area is full of fragments and emergency workers can hardly reach the area. We can’t leave the survivors behind, can we? The Zebro, born at the TU Delft, offers a high tech solution. Zebros are robots that can tackle rough terrain with their six […]

EPR: the strength of a real Smart Factory

Smart Factory. Nowadays it’s a term that everybody knows and uses. But what is a Smart Factory exactly and why is it useful to invest in a Smart Factory? And even more important: how does the customer benefit from a Smart Factory? For many years we’ve been hearing about the concept of ‘Smart Industry’ and […]

What a day! Official opening of our new premises.

Last Friday we celebrated the official opening of our new premises on the Novio Tech Campus. Prior to the official part, visitors had the opportunity to explore our beautiful facilities. When you walk through our building you can see how it’s build and equipped for our processes. Not just our building but also the location […]