EPR creates the beating heart of electronics

“We love new lives. New lives create new opportunities. New lives are precious.
We believe that every new life deserves the best start, driven by a reliable heart.
That’s why we create the beating heart of electronics: Printed Circuit Board Assemblies. Whether or not mounted in a housing.
Just to make sure that your product’s life starts in de best possible way.”

Together we will guide your product through its full lifecycle: from the start of life till the end of life, and even beyond.
In this way you will get that high quality product with a complex, reliable heart. A product the world deserves.

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The creation of your beating heart: co-engineering, production and integration

To make sure a product gets the perfect beating heart, we like to be involved from very early stage. We team up with your engineers and use our skills to advise on your Bill of Materials and co-develop and optimize your design, schematics and PCB layout (DfA, DfM). Once your design is perfected and ready for production (prototype, 0-series), we use our hypermodern equipment to produce smaller series. For larger series we cooperate with our sister company Technologies Added in Emmen. In addition to the assembly of PCBs we also have great experience in integration and box building. And… life doesn’t stop after production. By extending your product’s life we save unnecessary trouble, costs and resources, which is beneficial to your business and our environment.

Together we can create the key solutions for facing the global challenges of our time. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Contact us!

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Small but mighty: fiducial marks and their purpose

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Basic principles of PCB assembly: Through-Hole vs Surface Mounted

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