Partner in catalyzing high-tech innovations


Partner in catalyzing
high-tech innovations

“Together we enhance our living
environment by catalyzing your key
enabling technological innovations.”

We ensure a flying start of your design that works as a catalyst for a fast ramp-up, a smooth mature flight and a soft end-of-life landing.

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EPR co-engineers and develops the beating heart of electronics

Smart factory EPR Partner bridges the gap between concept, design and production of your technological concept, through the smart cooperation of your engineers and our engineering specialists. We aim for perfection with our high-tech lab and hypermodern equipment. Together we can create the key solutions for facing the global challenges of our time. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Contact us!


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Innovations Q2 2018: our five favourites

The second quarter of 2018 was exciting and sometimes even mind-blowing. Numerous innovations came along in April, May and June. We are happy to share our five favourite innovations with you! Mobile generator on sustainable formic acid (Team FAST, TU Eindhoven) Team Fast from TU Eindhoven is developing a... // Read More

Know-abouts PCB surface finishing: importance and common methods

By: Frank At EPR we design PCBs for various customers, and those boards will be used for even more applications. We design, for example, test boards with expensive sockets, PCBs with the smallest available BGA pitch (0.35mm), PCBs which are used for high temperature stress and boards that need... // Read More

Challenging the future: revelation of the Ecorunner 8

On the 24th of May the student team of TU Delft presented their Ecorunner 8 to the world. We were lucky to be at this spectacular revelation. The Ecorunner 8 is a car that can drive thousands of kilometres on the equivalent of 1 liter of petrol. According to... // Read More