EPR produces high-tech electronics

EPR produces high-tech electronics, specialising in the supply of PCBAs, electronic modules and systems. We offer top-quality products, fast turnaround times and dedicated customer service.

From Design to Realisation

More and more companies are looking for a proactive partner who can become part of the design process as well as providing production services. This is great for cost-efficiency, and also speeds up time-to-market. EPR is the perfect choice.

Reliable Network

At EPR we’ve built up a trusted network in our 20 years of trading, so we can source the right components for the best price. After all, we know the life cycle of electronic components inside out. That’s why we’re the best partner for your technological challenges, production requirements and innovative solutions. EPR can speed up your product design, prototyping, NPI and entire production and testing phases to help you achieve your business objectives even faster.

High-Quality Production Facility

Our premium production facility has been designed for maximum efficiency, with state-of-the-art equipment, advanced testing methods and innovative quality systems. We always strive for the most effective way to deliver high-quality products, so we can tailor our service and support to suit each customer.


Superior technical services, production, testing and logistics solutions ensure fast time-to-market. Add in our advanced production technology and expertise in supply chain management, and you’ll see we are ideally placed to collaborate with clients in all sorts of ways.

Over the years we’ve gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. That’s what our customers rely on, just as they appreciate our proactive working methods. Thorough, accurate and flexible, we always deliver on our commitments – so why not give us a try? We’ll keep you fully informed every step of the way.

How can we help you?

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