What a day! Official opening of our new premises.

Last Friday we celebrated the official opening of our new premises on the Novio Tech Campus. Prior to the official part, visitors had the opportunity to explore our beautiful facilities. When you walk through our building you can see how it’s build and equipped for our processes.

Not just our building but also the location perfectly fits the ambitions of EPR. The Novio Tech Campus is after all ‘a breeding ground for innovation’, like NTC director Rikus Wolbers stated in his welcome speech last Friday. As a catalyst for high-tech companies EPR fits well with this breeding ground.

With the new premises a long-cherished wish is fulfilled: working in an inspiring Smart Factory that offers enough space to grow. In our transparent building all departments are connected to each other; knowledge and experience are constantly exchanged. According to business managers Patrick and Joost, this mixture between engineering and production makes EPR a more complete partner: ‘Synergy is created because knowledge and craftsmanship work directly side by side on each floor.’ A beautiful thought to officially open the premises with. For this part of the opening we had a special guest: Pepper. Pepper is an interactive, social robot that can read emotions on humans. After some chatting and flirting by Pepper, Rikus officially opened our new building by pushing the red button onPepper’s belly. A toast from shareholder André Jansen (Chezz Partners) marks the start of the cocktail hour and above all the start of the next step on the new road EPR has entered.

We’re looking forward to what’s coming. Because something is coming, that’s one thing for sure!