EPR abroad: four-day working trip to Nexperia Manchester

Last week one of our two Parset specialists was at Nexperia Manchester to exchange knowledge and experience. At Nexperia Manchester he showed them how to repair boards of an old Parset type, used since the eighties by Nexperia Europe and Nexperia Asia.

Although the equipment in Manchester was a bit dated, the old Parset was still extremely suitable to diagnose and repair defective boards. Together we managed to diagnose and repair most of their boards in this short period of four days.

We’ve also shared our knowledge about, among others, ESD safety. The people at Nexperia Manchester were very enthusiastic about the explanation, working method and safety regulations we know at EPR. And of course we learned from them as well. Exchanging knowledge is never an one-sided process.

As a bonus to this working trip we got to know their culture a bit. Taking a roundabout while driving on the left side of the road isn’t that difficult anymore after a few days with great Manchester people, food and architecture.

After this awesome business trip, we agreed on keeping the lines short so that we can keep continue learning from each other in the near future. The power of partnership.

Thank you Nexperia Manchester and Nexperia Nijmegen for this great opportunity and awesome experience!