Run. Stop. Look around you…

In today’s world we are often running around more than we stand still. With each other, close behind another or just a bit in front of the other. We run, but do not stop often enough. Stop. Look around you and look a bit back. Do not let the year go by unnoticed, it is far too valuable for that. Stop. Overlook. Experience. We are so grateful for this fascinating 2018.

For us, 2018 was the year in which we unpacked our well-filled backpack of 2017: knowledge and experience with which we could move forward in 2018. In 2018 we have put the things that we have learned in 2017 into practice. In order to make operational management and division of tasks as efficient as possible, expansion of the management team was necessary. With the arrival of Jeroen Simons as our Business Development Manager and Jeroen Voets as our Manager Operations at the beginning of this year, the management team was strengthened.

With a reinforced management and the strength of our employees, there was more room for optimization of our processes. In the past year, we have therefore continuously worked on this, and we continue to do so. Thanks to continuous optimization of our processes, we maintain our high quality and flexibility. And thus, we always have room to realize your high-tech product. The optimization of the processes also focused on delivery reliability and efficiency, with the current component market as one of the so-called bogeymen. In the current components market there is often a lot of demand and a lot less supply to make up for this demand. This is a challenge, but certainly one that we like to tackle.

Continuing through improvement, a constant urge that we feel as EPR. Is this drive for improvement not too tiring / too deviant / too overconfident? No. In our view, this urge is the power of man. Perhaps (probably) fed by our ancient survival instinct that is still (deeply) hidden within each of us. Who knows? For us it is important to respond to this feeling, this urge for improvement. That is why we will also focus on improvement and further progress in 2019. It is incredibly important that people are engaged in the tasks that they are best at and that they keep continue to develop themselves in those tasks. In 2019 we will therefore focus on training and coaching of our team, in order to further deepen and expand our EPR skillset. ISO 13485 will become one of the new parts of this skillset. With the implementation of ISO 13485 we can better serve our medical partners and also take further steps in the medical sector.

2019, we are ready for you.

We would like to thank you, as our partner, for running with us; motivating and challenging us to run faster. And above all, we would like to thank you for stopping and looking back with us, every now and then. Because of you the year did not go by unnoticed.

Team EPR