Blog end of year

Musing by the wood fire: thank you 2017, hello 2018!

Imagine being in a warm and cosy living room. Through the windows you see the snowflakes falling down. In the kitchen a champaign bottle pops – love that sound – and we are around the crackling wood fire, musing about 2017.

This year was, to say at least, a fascinating year for EPR. We made a flying start with Technologies Added, our sister company for the production of larger volumes of products. After this flying start we kept our course. The commissioning of our new premises in April was the closing of over three years of transition. We have implemented lots of internal improvements. Among them was Infinity©, our own smart platform. With Infinity© our employees can indicate on tablets which order they are working on, and they can immediately give feedback to, for example, the preparation engineer when there are improvements possible to the product documentation.
One can imagine that change isn’t always easy. We are therefore extra proud of our team for their effort and their faith during these changes. The path we have chosen at the time turned out to be the right path indeed. Our Smart Factory is up and running and ready to expand even further.

Due to the positive changes EPR has made, we were ready and able to introduce ourselves to the world. And this introduction was, and still is, very satisfying. We have met some great, inspiring people and their companies! Although we are in this high-tech world for 20+ years, we are still amazed by the applications and solutions our (new) customers bring to the market. We are proud and extremely grateful that we could support them as a partner in realizing their innovative products. And above all we are really proud of the growth that our customers have made this year.

Thanks to 2017 we are more than ready for 2018. All lights are green, EPR green ofcourse, and our team is eager to start some new challenges.

Thank you all for an amazing 2017. 2018, hurry up, we can’t wait to meet you!