EPR at Semicon Europa: focus on the future

In the world of chips and other micro-electronics Dutch companies are doing very well. The sector wants to share their expertise with the world and the Semicon Europa in Munich offers us companies these opportunity. Semicon Europa 2017 is part of Productronica 2017 and with this the largest electronics event of Europe. Thus for EPR it’s a real honour to attend this fair.

Walking through the expedition is a great experience because of the diversity of all the companies. From developers to machine equipment manufaturers to producers, they all have a present here. This fair offers new opportunities for EPR and above all for the world. Looking at all these companies there is one big similairty: their focus to the future. How can we embrace the world, keep her healthy and let her grow in a honest and sustainable way? EPR is asking this question continously to itself, regardless of the products we design and/or produce. We love to share our ideas for a better world with our (potential) customers, working together to create that product with a infinite life cycle.

We’re ready to create your future. Are you?