To every relevant technological solution EPR contributes as conscious co-engineering and production partner.


We enhance our living environment by catalyzing the key enabling technological innovations of our partners

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With our passion for groundbreaking, innovative electronics we catalyze key enabling technologies that enhance our living environment. We do this together, because we believe in synergy. Our goal is to aim for our partners to be proud of us. We invest in sustainable knowledge networks to be of significance to society. In this way we add maximum value to your business, our environment and our future. We are aware of our shared responsibility as members of the electronics supply chain, so let’s face those challenges together.


EPR Partner is a young, fresh and modern organization, with lots of know-how and skills. We are the ideal partner for realizing and catalyzing your dreams when it comes to innovative electronics, through the use of synergy. Building sustainable partnerships is what we aim for, with eye for your business, our people and the environment. Together we can enhance our living environment.

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Keeping up

Curiosity is in our nature. We find out how to use the newest technologies in our organization to efficiently optimize our processes and your products. We constantly learn new skills and push our boundaries to offer you the best creative and intelligent solutions. We are a smart factory, investing in and connecting people, equipment and data systems.


Our partnership identity expresses itself through our energetic and inspiring people sharing insights and pro-active advice. We have a supportive mindset and we are honest about mutual expectations and our capabilities.

Doing more than the core

We do more than our core skills: we participate in knowledge networks to share ideas and to inspire youth to start working in our awesome high-tech industry. We are convinced that this paves the way for future-proof businesses, like yours and ours.


EPR Partner originated from a traditional production company called Teranetix that started in 1998. Philips CEW and Teranetix were accommodated in the same building. Some of us used to work at Philips CEW and joined Teranetix later on. In 2006 Teranetix became part of MTSA Technopower and changed the name Teranetix to EPR Technopower. Since 2009 we stand on our own feet and in 2016 we changed our name to EPR Partner – simple and no-nonsense. We have seen a tremendous growth as of then. We were eager to do more with our skills: our craftsmanship was not fully deployed. After unraveling the necessary steps to transform to a more challenging future-proof organization we realized them.

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Smart factory

EPR’s proven knowledge and experience were used to transform our organization to a smart factory, so we could execute processes smarter and better. We automatized many processes and interconnected our people with production means and data. Our main focus changed to optimizing the design of electronics and producing them afterwards. A whole new NPI project management team for co-engineering designs came into being. We developed EPR Infinity ©, our smart software platform which runs on specially set up tablets. This system gives us real-time insights on the production process. Our performance board, visible on smart TV’s, shows all orders. In a very short time we became a smart factory with services covering the entire product life cycle of electronics with all elements reinforcing eachother. EPR Partner nowadays is fully equipped to adapt to all current and future needs.